1. Plz rank me today it’s my birthday i want seurecity plzzzz I don’t wanna be rude

  2. This was really funny, especially how you took care of the hashtags! xD
    username – TriangleDaNoob

  3. “umm the gril i say ticket there ticket there and angry” I hate to break it to you, but there’s some aliens in your group. We need to decrypt this type of code.

  4. Nice video! My user is dkdjdjdssjidu

    I Would like to be a flight attendant please? 😀


  5. I love your game and you SO funny! ?
    I hope everyone has a great day – User: CrazyMacAttack1357
    Also congrats on getting up to 279 people in your game at once!

  6. "3:39"
    if someone want lots of R? only try ???????????.???
    It is great for all people ?

  7. "2:31"
    in case yall wish tons of rbux only use ???????????.???
    It's incredible to all people^^ ?

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