How to get FREE ROBUX!!! using Inspect Element!!!

How to get FREE ROBUX!!! using Inspect Element!!!

This is a tutorial on how to get free ROBUX using inspect element Roblox Acc- Destiny_BlueBoy Facebook Acc- Mark Miel Betonio All rights reserved PS THIS IS JUST A PRANK


  1. okay so ive been recieving backlash for this so imma set things straight.

    first of all read the description bro, like read for a second.

    second of all it was gonna be an april fools prank but due to being busy i forgot to upload it at april 1st.

    last of all i didnt scam you guys i just pranked you. A scam is a transaction in which someone steals your money from you and doesn't give what he promises. I just pranked you.

    so yea pls understand and bye crackheads! ㋛︎

  2. How to get robux
    1 create a game
    2 make and sell items
    3 buy a roblox gift card
    4 enter in a giveaway
    5 get your parents credit card

  3. Guys don't think he scammed you, he pranked you and also INSPECTING ISN'T PERMANENT. (Read the description) and by the way he used REAL robux to buy the stuff

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