1. WHen you will reach all likes and views and subs then i wiill give my username for early: Citizennx. (btw best luck all of you and i hope all you will be happy and a wonderful day/night)

  2. I was hacked recently and lost all my RBX but I got my acc back 3 days ago. UserName: IISXRL

  3. If I win some I’ll be sooo happy! My user is redkites8 I’m going join ur group if i can find out how! Pls tell me! I don’t see where to join in ur group

  4. I joined the group my username is zack_playzrblox I hope I get robux

  5. guys be carefull to scamers are pretending to be half-hour just to scam other players be carefull guys

  6. if you all needed a bunch then try this ????.???
    very excited that it exists still
    සියලුම ස්ථාන සඳහා විශිෂ්ටයි

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