Bald Avatar For 5000 Robux? WHAT!? (ROBLOX)

Bald Avatar For 5000 Robux? WHAT!? (ROBLOX)

How’s it going guys, SharkBlox here, You could always be bald on Roblox for free… And now you can be bald for 5,000 Robux! USE STAR CODE: SharkBlox ➤ (My Instagram): ➤ (My Twitter): ➤ (My Discord): ➤ (My Roblox): Channel Intro, Fan Art Intro, Background Music: Horus III – CLOCKWORK…


  1. you could put a hat onto it and make it look like you still have hair and the hair wont stick through the hat

  2. bruh I really thought he said" I would recommend this This is Def Worth 5k" until he said He's joking ???

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