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Every Saturday near the END of the live stream I give away one (1) Roblox Gift Card Code.

Rules of Giveaway – You must be present to win.

You have to either be in the FNA Nation Discord, or Follow me on Twitter, so that I can send you the code. You can leave the discord, or unfollow me after you get the code. 🙂

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1) No swearing (Instant Ban)
2) No harassment, racism, sexism etc.. (Instant Ban)
3) No Inappropriate YouTube names (Instant Ban)
4) No advertising! Asking for people to check out your channel or to subscribe to you is a no no. This includes asking for shoutouts. (You will be Timed Out)
5) Do not spam! This includes CAPS, emojis, symbols, etc. (You will be Timed Out)
6) No fighting (You will be Timed Out & Eventually Banned if it keeps up)
7) Do not ask for moderator (this is earned if we see you around consistently being positive)
8) keep is positive & have fun 🙂

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Monday 10 PM EST

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🔴ROBLOX LIVE 🔴 Mrs. Samantha 🔴 $10 Robux Gift Card Code Giveaway

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