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Below you can find more information about our organization.

Pastoralist Forum Ethiopia (PFE) is a Consortium of Ethiopian Residents and Foreign Charities and legally registered by the Charities and Societies Agency under the Ministry of Federal and Pastoralist Development Affairs (MoFPDA) with a Certificate number 1354. PFE was established in 1998 by a few NGOs working in pastoral areas and legally accredited in August 2003. In practical sense, PFE was established in response to the resolutions made by the Ethiopian Somali and the Oromo (Borana and Gudji) pastoralist elders during their breakthrough conference of 1996. At present, the Forum constitutes 28 charities of which 10 are foreign charities .


Vision: Seeing empowered pastoralist enjoying sustainable development.

Mission: The mission statement of PFE is to bring positive changes in the livelihoods of pastoralist through own and members’ capacity building, promoting commercialization and entrepreneurship, research and technology transfer, networking and partnership, good governance and climate change adaptation.

Central Philosophy/Approach:

  • Pastoralism is a way of life and livelihood system made up of three distinct components (the natural resources, the herd/livestock and the family with its broader institutions) that interact with each other to drive and sustain the system.
  • Promoting pastoral potentials (natural, social, and human capitals) more than pastoral limitations (drought, conflict, poverty, etc) for sustainable and transformative pastoral development.
  • Representing, supporting, and promoting our member charities
  • Harnessing positive engagement with the FDRE Government organs and development partners on the domain of pastoralism and CSO.


  • Livelihood diversification
  • Market-led pastoral development
  • Climate change adaptation and mitigation
  • Knowledge management (DRR)
  • Good governance
  • Capacity building
  • Research and technology transfer
  • Networking, partnership and linkage


  • General Assembly (GA)
  • Board of Directors
  • Secretariat
  • Programs
  • Finance and Human resource


  1. ACORD Ethiopia
  2. Action For Development (AFD)
  3. Ethiopian Agropastoralist Development Association(EAPDA)
  4. Afar Pastoral Development Association (APDA)
  5. CISP
  6. Enhancing Pastoral Research and Development Alternative (EPaRDA)
  8. Gayo Pastoral Development Initiative (GPDI)
  9. Gudina Tumsa Foundation (GTF)
  10. Health unlimited Ethiopia
  11. HEKS
  12. Mahi Difu Child Care and Development Association
  13. Ogaden Welfare & Development Association (OWDA)
  14. Oromia Pastoralist Association (OPA)
  15. Oromo Self-help organization (OSHO)
  16. Oxfam Canada
  17. Oxfam Great Britain (GB)
  18. Oxfam Spain (Intermon)
  19. Panos-Ethiopia
  20. Pastoral Welfare Organization (PWO)
  21. Pastoralist Concern (PC)
  22. Partners to Rural Development (PARD)
  23. Peace Family and Media Association (PFMA)
  24. Save the children Federation (USA)
  25. SOS Sahel
  26. Support for Sustainable Development (SSD)
  27. South Eastern Ethiopia Development Association (SEEDA)
  28. Wako Gutu Foundation (WGF)


Nationally, PFE works with its 28 member organizations (national and international NGOs), our affliates (traditional institutions, pastoral councils), professional associations, national consortia working on various levels and academia and research institutions, and ChaSoA.

PFE works in partnership with the Parliamentary Pastoral Affairs Standing Committee (PASC) in the Federal Parliamentary, and Ministry of Federal and Pastoral Development Affairs (MoFPDA), and has established good working relationships with the regional governments and most of their offices.

Internationally, PFE is a focal organ of the CELEP in Eastern Africa, closely work with IGAD and many of the international NGOs.